Julius Berg

NLG Software Engineer

Julius is part of the Xanevo development team and programs in the NLG Cloud. He also partly leads the projects.


Julius Berg

Who are you?

My name is Julius Berg, I am 22 years old and graduated from the Geschwister Scholl Schule Konstanz in 2017. In 2021, I graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Information Engineering from the University of Konstanz.

How did you get involved with Xanevo?

Jeff was looking for computer scientists via Instagram. A friend of both of us then told him that I was studying computer science. Since Jeff and I have known each other since kindergarten, we got in touch pretty quickly.

What are your tasks at Xanevo?

I program in the NLG Cloud of AC Semantics and partly lead the projects.

What makes the work at Xanevo special?

The fact that the work is done 100% remotely. In addition, the topics of the projects are always different, which keeps the work varied and you always learn something new.

What do you think distinguishes the company?

The young and success-oriented team and the fact that most of them have known each other for several years. In addition, the 100% remote work.

What do you like to do outside of work? Hobbies?

I play soccer for the SG Dettingen Dingelsdorf and I am a leader for the KJG St. Verena Dettingen. I also like to work in the garden.

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