AI Copywriting for eCommerce.

100% trustworthy output for any channel.

Trusted by the best in the industry


Harness the power of content automation and watch your business take off.

Save incredible time and money through our AI-assisted content generation - all while retaining 100% control over how your content gets created.


Finally publish unlimited texts in highest quality

We work with professional editors to ensure correct and high-converting wording, tone, and structure of the content generated.


Ensured SEO relevance

Generate content that is keyword focussed and unique throughout each category. Deliver relevant content at scale.


Skip the copy pasting

We generate thousands of unique eCommerce copies for you - contextual correctness ensured.


Gain time to focus on what matters

Automated content generation saves an average of 80% of the time needed for manual writing - sell faster than the competition.

Faster than hiring copywriters in-house
Reduction in average cost per text
Quicker time-to-market

How does that work?

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What is content automation?


Automated content generation with Xanevo allows for high-quality and unique content that is indistinguishable from manually written content.

We help clients with product descriptions, page descriptions, financial reporting, sports reports, live tickers, weather reports, newsletters and much more. Especially attractive for this is text content in large quantities, with similar structure and in multiple languages.

How good is the quality of automated generated text content?


Our software is managed by professional editors. This makes our texts indistinguishable from handwritten ones. The AI-powered software does not do everything on its own; rather it always needs human input. The ratio is about 10% human and 90% machine.

There is a big difference between free AI copywriter websites and our natural language machine. Structured data as input ensures that exactly what the customer wants comes out.

We also work with proven SCRUM methodology to ensure the high quality of our texts in several quality review cycles.

How long does it take to implement?


In 1-4 weeks, the customized text models are ready. After that, any additional text can be generated in seconds at the click of a button. How many text models need to be created depends on the number of categories.

What is Natural Language Generation (NLG)?


Natural Language Generation is a subfield of artificial intelligence. NLG programs analyze structured data and turns it into text. If you want to turn structured data into meaningful and understandable continuous text, you can use Natural Language Generation software like ours to do this in a scalable way.

Can I get a demo?


We would be happy to show you how content automation works in a personal or online meeting. Please contact us here.

What kind of data do I need?


An important basis for automated content creation is existing data that can be processed. This data should be structured and be easy to analyze. Example data structures can be in the shape of tables (Excel, SQL Databases) or document based formats, such as XML or JSON. However, even if your data is not structured we can take care of that.

Does automated content generation work with any Shop system or PIM?


Yes, through APIs (Application Programming Interface) all online store providers or self-hosted E-commerce stores can be automatically served with our generated texts.

If needed, we are able to import and export data into our systems and out of our systems through common file formats, such as: XML, JSON, CSV, XSLX.

When will we solve your copywriting problem?

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