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Automate seasonal multichannel content
with AI for your fashion business.

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Harness the power of content automation and watch your content
take off.

Save incredible time and money through our AI-assisted content generation - all while retaining 100% control over how your content gets created.


Finally publish unlimited texts in highest quality

We work with professional editors to ensure correct and high-converting wording, tone, and structure of the content generated.


Ensured SEO relevance

Generate content that is keyword focussed and unique throughout each category. Additionally, each language is localized for the target market.


Skip the multichannel copy pasting

We generate channel optimized outputs for your B2B resellers as well as marketplaces such as Amazon, Zalando, ASOS and more.


Gain time to focus on what matters

Automated content generation saves an average of 80% of the time needed for manual writing - sell faster than the competition.

2-5 days
2-5 days
Setup time to automate your content
Cost reduction on average per text
Right away
Publishing on all channels

How does that work?

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Does Google detect our automated content?


We have published product descriptions, category pages, FAQs and many other content types that are ranking among the Google's top results without doing harm to our clients reputation or search ranking.

Even with more recent updates we can ensure that we adhere to Google's E-E-A-T guidelines by using business rules and safeguards to ensure absolute content safety.
‍Automated content generation with Xanevo allows for high-quality and unique content that is indistinguishable from manually written content.

How good is the quality of automated generated text content?


Our software is managed by professional editors. This makes our texts indistinguishable from handwritten ones. Our AI-powered approach does not generate content on its own; human input and product data are a must.

We're not comparable to automated writing tools like Jasper, or Writesonic. There is no need for manual polishing of generated content - we ensure end-to-end automation.

Structured data as input ensures process safety and quality. If you don't have a PIM system, quality can also be ensured if we have a standardized CSV or Excel file.

How long does our service take to be implemented?


Within just 2-4 weeks, you can expect to see first results. You will be able to generate text at the click of a button.

Usually, we tackle projects in an agile way by setting a project budget, timeline and by prioritizing certain product categories, channels and languages first.

After that, we move into an optimization process. For example, existing automations can be improved or altered for A/B split testing.

Where can I read more about the technology that you're using?


We use NLG (Natural Language Generation) which is a subfield of artificial intelligence. NLG programs analyze structured data and turn that into text.

That being said, there are different levels of NLG systems - from basic templating (such as Mailchimp or Klaviyo) to purely AI generated content (such as ChatGPT). There are many levels in between that are less known.

In one of our blog posts, we cover the question "What is NLG?

We rarely use LLMs (large language models) such as ChatGPT. But if you're curious about how you can leverage LLMs in an automated way, have a read on how to generate product descriptions with GPT.

Can I get a demo?


We would be happy to show you how content automation works in a personal or online meeting.

If you would like to receive a call or email, please contact us here.

In order to book an AI audit with our CTO - click here.

What kind of data do I need?


An important foundation for automated content creation is existing structured product data that can be processed.

Typically, this kind of data lies within your CMS or PIM system. The data usually takes the shape of tables (Excel, SQL databases) or document based formats, such as XML or JSON.

However, even if your data is not well structured (for instance available in PDFs, product images or web pages), we have professional services and AI systems set up to cover that as well.

Does automated content generation work with any Shop system or PIM?


Yes, through APIs (Application Programming Interface) all online store providers or self-hosted E-commerce stores can be automatically served with our generated texts.

That being said, we have integrated our systems with common shop systems, such as Magento, Shopify, Shopware and many more.

Also, publishing data to Amazon , Zalando or other marketplaces is child's play for us. Simply provide us the required flat file (template file) for each marketplace and we ensure that our output matches your requirements.

If needed, we are able to import and export data into our systems and out of our systems through common file formats, such as: XML, JSON, CSV, XSLX.

When will we solve your copywriting problem?

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