Our mission is crystal clear:

We unlock new opportunities for growth and success by providing tailored AI solutions to E-commerce businesses.


“It all started with AI-generated product descriptions. Now we are optimizing E-commerce operations for some of the industry’s leading companies.”

Volkan Efe


We know your challenges.
No. You know your challenges.
We are here to listen, understand and equip you with the right AI solution.

Yes, we know a lot about e-commerce. But does that mean we know your business and its unique challenges? No. That’s why our workshops are all about you and the unique situation you are facing. Only once we understand what exactly you need, we immediately get to work and do the magic from our side.

When an AI strategist meets a revenue engineer.

Our founders Jan and Volkan crossed paths at a pivotal moment. Both had independently recognized a critical issue: The time of grow-at-all-cost is over. In an era where efficiency is everything, companies could no longer afford to operate as they had in the past. The need for a transformative AI approach was necessary to unlock new levels of efficiency and effectiveness for E-commerce businesses.

Jan’s expertise lies at the intersection of artificial intelligence consulting & E-commerce. He mentors upcoming AI researchers across three universities. This unique blend of practical experience and theoretical knowledge positions him as a thought leader in the AI space.

As a former Revenue Engineer, Volkan specializes in identifying bottlenecks and inefficiencies in E-commerce revenue streams. Recognizing the common challenges businesses face in optimizing revenue processes, Volkan turned to scalable, AI-driven solutions.

If you combine Volkan’s pain-point-focused lens with Jan’s AI knowledge you get Xanevo, an AI consulting agency that specializes in listening to their customers and understanding their processes before tailoring a unique AI-driven strategy.

Because efficiency is no longer optional, it’s a necessity. And AI makes it possible like never before.
Jan Kaiser


“In my 7 years of working for consulting firms, I have seen the same bad habits over and over again.  Businesses were being overcharged for unnecessarily big projects while their needs were often ignored.

I decided to change things.
Xanevo is an antidote against bad consulting.
We are here to understand your unique business case and leverage our expertise to assist you at every step of the journey. 

We're not consultants; we're allies. 


100% remote
Partner of 3 universities
130% YoY growth
100% remote
Partner of 3 universities
130% yoy growth

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