Volkan Caner Efe

Head of Growth

Volkan is responsible for our Sales & Marketing activities along with our partnership portfolio.


Volkan Caner Efe

I am currently helping companies save hours of repetitive tasks with AI writing technologies.

The AI environment is developing at a high pace, and It has become extremely hard to keep up with the newest technologies.

My mission is to build a bridge of knowledge, empowering companies to leverage responsibly the potential of AI.


✅ Learned by making many mistakes

📈 Have started my career working in AI

🙌🏼 Here to learn and help other people

👊 Big fan of Martial Arts

↔️ Have grown in between 2 different cultures

😌 Passionate about Mindfulness, Ethics & AI

Happy to have valuable conversations.

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Volkan Caner Efe

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