Stacy Yee

Content Marketing Specialist

Stacy designs, conceptualizes and creates marketing content to increase Xanevo's digital presence and impact.


Stacy Yee

Who are you?

Stacy, 33

Education: Chemical Engineering

Experience: Bio- and nanotechnology academic research, beauty industry manufacturing

After graduating: 6 years at Intel Corporation - in systems engineering, mechanical design engineering, user experience, and thermal technology development, among others

How did you come to Xanevo?

Jan and I serendipitously connected at a small rock climbing wall in Konstanz! A few months later Xanevo had an opportunity that was a good mutual fit.

What are your tasks at Xanevo?

I strategize, conceptualize, and create marketing content with regards to growing Xanevo's digital presence and impact. I analyze our reach in various digital arenas and strive to expand inbound opportunities for Xanevo.

What makes working at Xanevo special?

I love the energetic, dynamic, open culture at Xanevo! The team really knows how to connect and have fun, but also how to focus, collaborate, and deliver.

What do you think distinguishes the company?

Delivering high quality results is the cornerstone of Xanevo's approach. We offer a unique capacity to integrate efficient logic into our multilingual-capable automatic content generation work and our partners really appreciate our detail- and customer-oriented philosophy.

What do you like to do outside of work? Hobbies?

Rock climbing, SCUBA diving, snowboarding, ultimate frisbee, cycling, hiking, camping, playing music (piano, violin, ukulele). I love traveling and exploring new cultures, having been fortunate to visit 6 continents so far. When I'm not outdoors or using my passport, I enjoy volunteering in science and technology outreach, especially for girls! I also cook quite frequently and appreciate a good kitchen adventure.

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