Marcel Metzler

NLG Software Engineer

Marcel is part of the development team at Xanevo and works in the NLG Cloud to generate the texts there.


Marcel Metzler

Who are you?

I'm Marcel Metzler, 22 years old, and I graduated from high school with a technical diploma in computer science. After that, I got my Bachelor of Science in applied computer science at the University of Worms.

How did you come to Xanevo?

Through my current boss and long-time friend, Jan. We met during his time in the video game industry and have been in close contact ever since. After my internship at the Rhineland-Palatinate State Criminal Police Office (LKA RLP) and my bachelor thesis at the LKA RLP, I completed my studies in applied computer science. After that Jan offered me the opportunity to do an internship at Xanevo. The internship lasted one week and gave me the opportunity to get a more detailed understanding of NLG and the general activities at Xanevo.

What are your tasks at Xanevo?

I am mainly responsible for operating the AX software and generating the texts there. Apart from that, of course, I am also responsible for all kinds of internal tasks.

What makes working at Xanevo special?

You have a super motivated team consisting of friendly people with whom you also get along very well outside of work as well as the internal approach to projects.

What do you think distinguishes the company?

The quality of our projects and the work mentality.

What do you like to do outside of work? Hobbies?

I am passionate about bodybuilding, I started at the age of 15, my real goal at that time was to lose my heavy excess weight and become more active. During this journey, I discovered my love for sports. Since then I dabble in any kind of sport - Besides the gym I am regularly bouldering and swimming. I also like to share my knowledge as a personal fitness coach and help people to a healthier and more active lifestyle.

Away from sports, I also enjoy playing video games in all kinds of genres.

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Marcel Metzler

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