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AX Semantics - Homepage
AX Semantics
AX Semantics is the AI-powered content and e-commerce solution for digital businesses. With the award-winning easy-to-use content generation software, companies can automatically create thousands of high-quality and personalized product descriptions as well as SEO category texts in up to 110 languages. This can help them in growing sales and multiplying the productivity of content creation teams.
DataCater is the real-time ETL platform for data and developer teams. Teams can use DataCater's interactive pipeline designer to build modern data pipelines in minutes and unlock the full value of their data faster.
Retresco is one of the market leaders in the automated analysis and generation of content to improve demand and customer satisfaction and to scale growth. In digital commerce companies benefit from optimised, automatically generated web, product, SEO, and offline copy in all major European languages.
TYRIOS is a well-established, ingenious e-commerce software which has been on the market for over 20 years. TYRIOS is all about the customer, unifying stationary trade, online store and marketplace as a unit.
Plainly is a video automation tool that allows you to automatically create 1000s of marketing videos by combining a video template and your product data.