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We developed a scalable NLG cloud text model

We are being recognized for our software quality through good practices in project management and software architecture.

Better Planability

Better Plannability

Project managers are forced to think about project complexities and risks earlier in the process. Modular projects are compatible with agile project settings.

AX NLG Cloud Overview


Components can be reused and adapted within or across projects. Team resources are easier to shift as projects become more standardized.



Common guidelines and rules within a team. Comparable software components are easier to plan and estimate.

Time Savings

Time Savings

Setting up projects and especially making changes could be done up to four times faster than without the architecture model.

Concept of our
OSI-Architecture Model

Layers and logic for better reusability and extendability.

Manage Natural Language Generation projects with SOLID principles
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Up to 100% faster Project Management

O - Organize and structure project
S - manage workflows and Serve results
I - Implement functional modules.

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