Show the right customers the right message with eCommerce personalization.

With individualized shopping experiences in your online business, every visitor enjoys a unique retail journey - just like in the local store.


Low conversion rate?
Customize your user experience and enjoy an instant boost.

While you're at it, drive your bounce rate down and your visits up!

Turn each product page into a highly individualized sales conversation.

eCommerce personalization harnesses insights from customer data to craft the perfect sales service, tailor-made for each individual visitor. The customer's motivations and interests are incorporated to lift sales.

You won't believe the benefits!


Lower bounce rate

As you address their desires, customers will no longer need to compare products from other sites. They will buy where they felt the strongest connection - your brand - and keep coming back.


Increased cart size

Capture the interest of your customers to increase average order value. Influence purchase decisions with the right messages at the right time.


More Conversions

Understand the needs of your customer and form an intentional connection. Drive your conversion rates as your personalized content appeals to the heart of your buyer.


Lower return rates

Bolster better buying decisions. Instead of having only one description for every visitor, your site can adapt depending on the individual and cater to their needs.

Your individualized content in no time

The gift of personalization in eCommerce is that each product page gets its own virtual salesperson, who recognizes - completely automatically - if the customer has already visited or compared other product offerings. Page copy changes based on this individual buyer journey to better support the customer during the purchase process.

Let's have a look at the steps to make it happen.

Collect behavioral data

With the help of our 1st party pixel...

Gather data protection compliant data of the customers' shopping experience. Where does the buyer bounce off?  How do the current descriptions influence their buying behavior?

Analyze customer behavior

Identify target users and customer journey...

Establish different customer segments in order to start personalizing your content production. Each product category can offer a range of different customer journeys.

Generate varieties of content

Automate an unbeatable sales channel...

With the help of our eCommerce personalization software and our content generation tool, sit back and relax while thousands of distinct versions for each product are crafted right in front of you.

Step 4

Release your personalized content

A new optimized user experience...

Once the content has been generated, implement it in your PIM or CMS and watch the conversions roll in! Each visitor can be shown a unique message that creates a compelling individualized offering. The result? Incredible growth in conversions and customer satisfaction.

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eCommerce Personalization will help you increase your conversion rate by ~5% and order values by ~10%.

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