Revolutionize your eCommerce toolbox with content automation.

Writing content manually is hard. We make it a whole lot easier. Quicker, more plannable, and less stressful - with our automated content creation service.


Generate unique content at the push of a button - without losing quality.

Grow faster, better and smarter - lowering your bounce rate and increasing conversions along the way.

Dramatically increase visibility with automatically generated category and product descriptions.

Gain a huge competitive advantage through our AI-assisted content generation - all while retaining 100% control over how your content gets created.


Get your website seen

Grow your business with proven, SEO-relevant content that attracts customers like a magnet.


Gain time to focus on what matters

Automated content generation saves an average of 80% of the time needed for manual writing - for faster product rollouts.


Publish world-class content

We work with professional editors to ensure correct and high-converting wording, tone, and structure of the content created.


Skip the copy pasting

Our software writes thousands of unique eCommerce texts for you - with infinite variations.

Dozens of eCommerce giants trust us

Join the community of customers already working with us and our partner AX Semantics to automate great content.

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Working with Xanevo has been such a pleasure - they are refreshingly customer-focused with a professional, efficient way of working and they deliver outstanding results. After just a short time, we now have the capability to automatically generate content for 33,000 products - it’s a total game changer.



The solution over 500+ SEO's couldn't work without.

Keywords and algorithms of search engines are constantly changing.
Always stay up-to-date with content automation - without losing that human touch.

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Say goodbye to poor quality and weeks of waiting for content - and hello to exactly what you want, when you want it
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No more broken links and old content. Your content can be automatically updated, dramatically slashing maintenance efforts
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Unleash the synergy of professional copywriters and artificial intelligence

Achieve permanent top positions in search engine rankings and increase your rankings fully automatically.

We work with you to establish a customized profile of your brand voice, structure, and wording requirements - including important keywords.

This results in tailor-made, unique content exactly in the style you want - guaranteed.

Skyrocket your conversions through more relevant content, higher dwell time and reduced bounce rate.

Individual texts can be published immediately with the release of a product - without having to wait for editors or translators.

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Your fresh automated content in no time - anytime

We automate content from your keywords and product data that is first-class, SEO-relevant, and always fresh - for all category and product pages. The best part? We do it all while you enjoy your lunch, spend time with your family, even while you sleep!

Let's have a look at the steps to make it happen.


Analyze your product data

Don't have structured data? No problem...

Automatically generated texts need a good informational foundation. Many customers simply export data from their PIM (Product Information Management). Not possible? Easy, we can enrich your existing data to first-class, ready-to-automate status.


Establish individual needs

Guaranteed customization and exceptional quality...

Together we define the wording, tonality, and structure of the content according to your wishes - every brand is cared for individually and every desire is taken into account. Our professional writers then use your tailor-made profile to create the foundation that serves as the basis of our content automation.


Let the magic happen

Sit back and watch your texts being created...

Our software creates thousands of unique texts customized to your brand. The use of NLG (Natural Language Generation) and constant quality control by our professional writers ensures outstanding consistency and accuracy.

Step 4

Dazzle with thousands of fresh content pieces

Export texts directly to your online store...

Once your content has been generated it is automatically imported to your PIM or CMS (Content Management System) via APIs. Watch your sales and marketing metrics transform and rest assured knowing you will continue to reap the benefits of content automation! 

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Automated content will help you increase your traffic by 20-90% and decrease time-to-market by 80%.

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