Whitepaper: How to structure content automation projects the right way

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How to structure content automation projects the right way.

Are you already automating content production? Do you want start from scratch with text automation?

Do you want your project structure to be extensible, reusable and maybe even prepared for multiple languages?

👉 In this white paper you will get detailed insights you need to tackle this topic or make it easier than before.

The white paper covers technical questions in detail. It highlights our leading programming and project management practices.

You will also learn about a science-based method from Google, Facebook and co. that is suitable for setting up automation projects more easily and thus achieving faster results.

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Timo is one of the founders at Xanevo and he is responsible for marketing. This mainly includes the web presence, the marketing strategy, and the social media presence. Due to his business background, he is also responsible for financial planning.

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