5 Reasons why Automated Product Pages are key to Shopify SEO

In this article, you will learn why it's inevitable for Shopify SEO to have your product descriptions written by an ai-powered text robot.

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You might already heard that some e-commerce content managers no longer write their SEO product pages themselves.

In today's post we’ll show you 5 benefits that automated product pages in e-commerce have.

Our technology has already helped over 500+ clients to increase their traffic by up to 95%, increase their Shopify sales by a minimum of 10% and save countless hours in copywriting.

Let’s dive right in.

1.   With the click of a button: Shopify SEO measures solved

Do you receive little to no organic traffic to your product pages? Then you have probably not yet optimized your site correctly.

The Shopify SEO measures on product pages are:

  • Meta Title
  • Meta descriptions
  • H1 Tag
  • Content (Product Description)
  • ALT tags for images

You should create texts of each of the items listed here with the correct keywords for each of your products. At the same time, you should not rely on techniques such as copy & paste, as this will have a negative impact on your site's search engine visibility.

Writing all this anew and uniquely for each product is a very big effort. Many Shopify store owners have already recognized this pain point and are scaling their store with automatically generated content.

Want to know how we send the texts to Shopify automatically?

Check out this article from us where we explain the technical side of the Shopify use case.

2.   Unique and up-to date content: The key to relevancy

Do you have broken links or text that is outdated?

"The iPhone 8 was a flagship smartphone when it was released. You might want to update that information in 2021 to still be relevant for your customers."

Our engine keeps track of this and allows for automatic adjustments.

Our technology enables us to create unlimited variants of your texts with 100% grammatical correctness. To avoid that several products having almost the same text, this feature is perfect to generate unique content for thousands of products.

3.   Maintain your quality standards: A machine never gets tired

...and does not take vacations.

Do you want to include certain words, tonality, language styles in any case? Do you want to exclude other words at the same time, write without mistakes and save time?

All these things and more are now possible with automatic texts.

We are technology partner of AX Semantics the market leader in Natural Language Generation. With the help of the software, even auditable reports can be created, as the example of Deloitte shows.

4.   110 languages: Driving internationalization forward

Many e-commerce store owners get to the point where they want to set up their store in multiple languages. Instead of translating the text manually, many turn to translation tools. Unfortunately, these usually never exceed in accuracy, tone and structure and deviate from the original text.

The solution is to generate grammatically correct multilingual projects. Once the content is in one language, it is a small effort to generate it for any number of languages and automatically send them into your Shopify store.

Download our white paper in which we look at this topic from the technical side.

5.   Customers save an average of 80% time compared to manual content creation

Your copywriter is on vacation, but you want to launch the new collection right away?

You want to add new products, but you only have the data, and no text or only bullet points?

 Launch New Products instantly, with automated and high quality content.

Once we have your product data and the software is configured, you create texts at the push of a button and they appear simultaneously in your Shopify store.

Don't miss the boat and start automating today!

Let us know here which automation texts you want to start with first.

Stacy Yee content marketing specialist

Timo Tzschetzsch


Timo is one of the founders at Xanevo and he is responsible for marketing. This mainly includes the web presence, the marketing strategy, and the social media presence. Due to his business background, he is also responsible for financial planning.

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