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In this interview with Saim Alkan, CEO & Founder of AX Semantics, we go over our AX Semantics Tutorial & Training

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This interview is between Saim Alkan, CEO & Founder of AX Semantics and Timo Tzschetzsch, CMO & Co-Founder of Xanevo.




Who are you and what do you do?



We are a managed service provider of AX Semantics. Our service portfolio focuses exclusively on text and content automation. This sets us apart from agencies that offer a variety of different services. In this area, we have two services at the moment, these are project management and programming on the one hand, and on the other hand we offer training on the methodical use of AXSemantics NLG Cloud.



What are the contents of your training?



Our training centers around giving the user of the AX NLG Cloud a set ofmethods and principles that can be used to learn how to achieve a clean and sustainable project structure in the shortest possible time.


For this purpose, we have designed our OSI architecture model. We derive this model from best practices in software development, among others from the working methods of Google and Facebook.


In the training we show our OSI software architecture with examples and documents for collaboration & co-programming. If desired, we set up a project of the customer's choice together with the customer.



What changes for me as a user directly after applying the contents of the training?



As a user I experience the following benefits through our training:

• Plan and structure my projects better.

• Complex requirements don't scare me, because I know how to break down rather difficult projects into smaller parts and implement them.

• My code is reusable and saves me time in following projects.


I can now use the time saved to take advantage of further scaling effects of the NLG Cloud, for example by creating multilingual projects. Afterall, this is exactly what our OSI model provides as well: a fast and uncomplicated implementation of any number of additional languages.



That's an incredible operational efficiency gain, what about strategic improvements?



By creating common guidelines within a team, there are immense advantages for both programming and project structures:

In the long run, the simplified reproducibility and reusability of project components ensures that projects are implemented in a more standardized manner and are easier to maintain.  Developers can also be shifted more flexibly and used across projects since each project follows the same basic rules.


Finally, project managers now have better budget planning capabilities and it helps to plan the required resources of a project.



This sounds like a great benefit for AXSemantics users. How can I book a training?



Feel free to send us your request here or directly to There you can also download our whitepaper on how to successfully set up automation projects. We are looking forward to your request!

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Timo Tzschetzsch


Timo is one of the founders at Xanevo and he is responsible for marketing. This mainly includes the web presence, the marketing strategy, and the social media presence. Due to his business background, he is also responsible for financial planning.

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