Automated Writing of Football Match Reports ⚽️

Discover how uses a text robot to automate the creation of match reports for more than 24 matches a day for the 1. - 3. Bundesliga in Germany.

Woman writes product descriptions has the goal of publishing fast and high-quality football match reports of the 1st to the 3rd German Bundesliga and to soon expand into leagues. With the football match reports, the online news magazine has opened up a whole new area that did not exist in their editorial department before.

Currently, about 24 reports per match day are written and published automatically. In addition, there are about 70 automated articles daily on the current TV program and automated weather reports such as the bio and pollen weather.

In 2019, has already reached a significant milestone: On a Sunday, traditionally the weekday with the highest traffic, for the first time the most-read article of the day came from the pen of the text robot and was not written by a human.

The data-handling infrastructure is provided by DataCater and makes sure to have enough structured data by extracting football data from various API's. The natural language software from AX Semantics uses the data to automatically create optimized texts.

Xanevo is a managed service provider of AX Semantics and ensures the the correct set-up, implementation and programming inside the NLG software in the beginning of a project. The instantly created results are being sent through the DataCater pipelines to the content management system and automatically published.

This way thousands of articles can be:

  • Instantly written and published, even before the competition has found time to write.
  • Keyword-optimized to ensure a high search engine ranking

This allows for easy and fast expansion into hyper-localized, hyper-personalized and expanded sports reporting.

Check out, DataCater & AX Semantics

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Xanevo is changing the way text and content is created. Xanevo is a full-service provider and automates the writing of high-quality texts, product descriptions, and reports using Natural Language Generation (NLG). Scale your online business with smarter automated content.

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Timo is one of the founders at Xanevo and he is responsible for marketing. This mainly includes the web presence, the marketing strategy, and the social media presence. Due to his business background, he is also responsible for financial planning.

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